Live - 11/17 (Sat.)Jazztronik Live @Nui.Hostel & Bar Lounge 2018. 10. 05 07:10


11/17 (Sat.)Jazztronik Live @Nui.Hostel & Bar Lounge

TEL: 03-6240-9854 e-mail:

Open 18:00 / Live Start 19:00
ADV : 3500Yen / Door : 4000Yen


2018, 2019 の2年間はJazztronikの20周年イヤーズとして様々なタイプのライブを開催しています。過去のアルバムにスポットを当てる”From back then”、歌モノ曲ばかりで構成した”Sing Jazztronik”など様々です。今年で5年目となるJazztronik Big bandの活動もその1つです。そして、これからの新たな形のJazztronikを提示するライブをいよいよ行います。




To celebrate 20 years of Jazztronik, during 2018-2019 we are holding a variety of concerts.

“From back then” puts a spotlight on albums from our back catalogue.”Sing Jazztronik” focuses on vocal tracks.”Jazztronik Big band”, which is entering its 5th year, is another example.

And coming up next, a concert which showcases a new formation of Jazztronik.

For the first time we will perform a concert as a trio, the most compact version of Jazztronik to date.

Ryota Nozaki, of course, plays piano and keyboard.

Ichiro Fujiya plays bass and Masanori Amakura plays drums.

For many years these two musicians have supported Ryota in creating the Jazztronik sound.

Together they are the base of Jazztronik.

We have been rehearsing and recording experimentally in time to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Jazztronik.

I’m sure our fans are looking forward to seeing us play as a trio.

This concert is a special opportunity to experience the latest sound of Jazztronik.

Don’t miss it!