Blog - Jazztronica!! 2013. 05. 19 11:05

すっかりLiveの告知ばかりしてしまっていますが来週の土曜日は恒例Jazztronica!! @ The Roomです!

I announce that my regular party “Jazztronica!!” will take place at The Room Shibuya next Sat(the25th May).


最近始めた曲紹介のBoogie Soulのコーナー、ここでかかっている様な曲も盛り沢山でかかります。そういうハコやパーティーもすっかり少なくなりましたからね。

Recently I’ve been introducing some tunes in the corner “Boogie Soul”.

Ofcourse music like these tunes will be played in the party.

There are less venues&parties where you can dance to it.



I put the links of “Boogie Soul” below so that you can check it out.


Boogie Soul vol.1 “Bobby Thurston / Very Last Drop”

Boogie Soul vol.2 “Harvey Mason / Groovin’ You”

Boogie Soul vol.3 “Imagination / Burnin’ up”

Boogie Soul vol.4 “Chicago Gangsters / Gangster Love”

Boogie Soul vol.5 “Jimmy Bo Horne / Dance Across the floor”

Boogie Soul vol.6 “Benny Golson / Dancin’ To The Music”

Boogie Soul vol.7 “WAR / GALAXY

Boogie Soul vol.8 “K.I.D / No.1”

Boogie Soul vol.9 “North End / Kind Of Life”

EDM(エレクトロニック・ダンス・ ミュージツク)と言われている音楽も楽しいのですが正直個人的にはだんだんと食傷気味になりつつある感は否めません。



I feel that i’m a bit getting palled with the music called “EDM”.

It’s not that I dislike this kind of music;I still like it.I also play it and check new releases.

However,I’ve been getting the feeling that almost all this kind of music in the world become the same and without unique personality.




I wonder if the dance music scene in 90’s was like one at the moment,I wouldn’t get into dance music so much.

It’s just my opinion.









I have held Jazztronica!! to enjoy myself too and to play the music i really like so far.

Also like to introduce good one to friends,audience,DJs.

Please don’t expect tunes have many breaks with noisy sounds in this party.

But,If you come you would definitely enjoy the party!

I guarantee you will.




是非来週25日(土)はJazztronica!! @The Roomへ遊びに来て下さい!!!!!

This time Takashi Nakazato(percussionist) ,who has just come back from 2 months training in Cuba, will have his show in the party!

And Shuya Okino(KJM) will offer his unreleased tune to the first 30 people.

If you’re in Tokyo,Please come down to the party!!!!!